Matt in India

Did you ever feel in love at first sight? Well right now I want to share my feeling to someone, and for me this is unusual story. This is the first time I’ve been to this country, I attending a meeting in New Delhi for a week. In the first day I saw an mature man who was quite attractive. Call his name is Matt. And he’s an Italian citizen. I thought, It’s not normal. It’s unusual I attracted to someone who is more mature than me, moreover he is not Indonesian or Asian, which is has culture and physical different from the type of man that I admire as usual. But this time I broke the values in my life. Because I’m a dynamic person. Yes I think I really like him.

At the introduction session. Don’t know why Matt was sitting away from my place. Then he approached. We both had a very short conversation just a name and some of our advocacy skills. In less than a minute I had a chance to talk with him directly. And yes that’s thing just makes my heart melted. “lol.

Matt is very important person here, because he is one of the implementers of this meeting, besides Matt also often involved as a person who facilitates a meeting session. I saw that he is different person. I see the aura of kindness inside him. Matt looks very smart in conveying each of his opinions. And at that moment I realized that the clever man was more attractive than only handsome. But I can’t lie to myself, because Matt has both, smart and also good-looking.

On the first day I’ve realized that I think I like him. And at the welcome dinner I felt that Matt was watching on me, at that moment I was really feeling awkward because I think Matt was looking at me from across the tables. And I responded him with a little joke just to make sure who stole his attention. Until now I never knew even ask confirmation about what really happened.

There is one unique experiences during ice breaking session. At that time all participants do body exercises by giving a little massage in pairs. I don’t know why Matt choose me to do it. Then Matt took my hand. Maybe it was a normal thing for him, but for me it was very happy. Ah sorry Matt I was crazy at that time.

Two days before the event end, at night I read an information about the magnet of love. There is a way to attract someone’s feelings by using a nature magnet. And then I follow every step of the tricks. I closed my eyes and thinking positive. My peaceful mind is running far with an imaginations about me and Matt. I saw everything happiness when we are in a beautiful relationship (imagination). And yes guys. It’s worked quite well because Matt and I sat at the same table in the morning. I guess this world very cooperative today.

But, on several times. I felt that he didn’t feel the same way. It’s okay, I just admire him from afar, and occasionally steal his attention to staring his face from behind the table. I also have to realize that we only met once. I don’t know him outside the meeting. Maybe he’s already has a boyfriend or maybe he’s not gay man like me. And it’s also possible that I was exaggerating his attention too much.

Alright, however this story ends, the most important thing is that I can still fall in love with human. I can change the way of thinking to become more positive, and now I know that love is not only come from the eyes, but also from the hearts, like this experiences.

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